At WoMaster, we strive for our customers to be fully satisfied with the quality of our products; consequently, our core value is Comitment to Quality. This allows WoMaster to be our customers’ first choice when it comes to building a reliable and secure industrial network. WoMaster’s strict Quality Management ensures continuous progress of the product design, manufacturing and technical services, and guarantees quality improvement meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. WoMaster’s strict Quality Assurance System is based on three major component stages : Design Quality Assurance (DQA), Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA) and Service Quality Assurance (SQA).


I.   DQA
We focus heavily on Design Quality Assurance (DQA) and implementation of the new product development processes throughout the entire product life cycle of every WOM product. DQA stage starts with conceptual projects and product development by WoMaster’s highly qualified elite engineering team, followed by environmental laboratory tests for meeting FCC/CE/UL/IEC standards.  

To verify product design for vertical certificates, WoMaster setups in-house product verification labs including EMC lab, shock/vibration lab, and environmental simulation lab, where required environmental tests are conducted for meeting or exceeding industrial standards such as NEMA TS2, EN50155, IEC61850, eMark, or DNV. Due to fulfilling extensive test plans and procedures, we can guarantee safety, compatibility, stability and longevity of the products in highly critical applications, such as railway, heavy industries, traffic control, etc.

 Railway  EN50121-4EN50155
 Transportation  NEMA TS2
Bus  e-mark
 Hazardous  UL508

Manufacturing Quality Assurance is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 certification standards. All WoMaster products are built using production and quality testing equipment in a static-free environment. Additionally, these products have gone through rigorous tests in the production line on the stages of in-process quality control and final quality control. All products must pass 60C, 4-hour burn-in test before package.  Regular training, inspection and adjustments are implemented to ensure all quality standards are being strictly followed. The Quality Control Team constantly feeds related issues to R&D for improving product performance and compatibility.  

WoMaster Group passes ISO9001:2015 quality certificates.  >>>Download

WoMaster’s Service Quality Assurance includes technical support and repair service by means of which we’re always aware of customers’ needs, receive their feedback and work with R&D and Manufacturing to shorten response time in resolving customer concerns and improving service quality.
Therefore, our customers and partners can always expect to receive well-designed, high quality products with 2 to 6 years quality warranty service.

IV. Environmental Friendly Production
Giving credits to WoMergy which has become our creative energy, we are also committed to environmental protection.  All of WoMaster’s products are compliant with European Union’s WEEE, REACH and RoHS directives. By not using restricted hazardous materials, we benefit to the Earth well-being not only during manufacturing and exploitation, but also on the stage of recycling.

 RoHS and WEEE

WoMaster has worldwide recognized Test Reports for all of its product line; you can download them from “Support” Section of our website. (*for members only).