Smart Grid Developing solutions for Oil and Gas vertical market implies solving a number of problems, such as high level of electromagnetic interference, shock and vibration, explosive atmospheres, extreme pressure, and wide fluctuations of operating temperatures. Furthermore, remote location of field sites requires building long-distance reliable and secure communication infrastructure. WoMaster’s wired and wireless data communication equipment feature rugged design and advanced technologies which make our highly-engineered data transmission and network control solutions perfectly suitable for harsh environmental conditions of Oil and Gas industry. WoMaster’s industrial-grade extensive product line obtained all the required industry certifications. Cyber security functionality prevents rogue’s server access to mission critical applications, and Redundancy functions provide auto network recovery for no-loss data transmission.

Remote monitoring networks for Oil and Gas sector

Oil and gas wells monitoringRemote monitoring of oil and gas wells
For enhancing safe operation and preventing unauthorized access to widespread oil and gas wells, WoMaster offers remote monitoring solutions which can be successfully deployed due to wide operating temperatures -40~70゚C and long-distance fiber connectivity- 40 km or 80 km provided by our equipment.
In oil plant control center, industrial-grade rackmount RS628 is installed to collect data from located in the field sites din-rail PoE switches DP610 which are installed in multiple gigabit fiber ring topology. RS628 is equipped with 28 Full Gigabit ports for increased bandwidth which makes possible the transmission of large amounts of voice, video and data through 14 gigabit fiber rings. DP610 has 8 full giga PoE+ ports, which supply power to the field sites cameras and collect the data from them, and 2 SFP combo ports for uplink connection.

Oil and gas transfer stations networks
Oil and gas transfer stations networks
Extracting oil and gas deposits can result in lasting damage to the environment. Most easily accessible oil and gas have already been developed. And nowadays, oil and gas exploration is probing the Earth’s most remote and inhospitable places and employs new, often unproven technologies to extract hydrocarbons from deep within the earth in remotely located areas. Oil leakage, gas volatility from large pipelines, and cyber-attacks are the major threat of the industry. Consequently, it is of high importance to establish a data communication network ensuring secure and sustainable connectivity for maintenance service and no-loss data communication between gas transfer stations and the control centers.
For this purpose, industrial-grade cellular LTE router WR7827 and din-rail switch DS409 are deployed in the Network. A massive amount of data is collected from PLC, as well as from oil and gas analyzers for further transmission to the Control Center by WoMaster’s equipment. Cyber security functions prevent unauthorized access to the network data.

■ Industrial grade L2 managed Ethernet switches DS409 with 9 Gigabit Ethernet ports
(including 5 SFP/Combo ports)  collect multiple locations’ field site data.


■ Industrial cellular LTE router WR7827 is equipped with a next generation wide temperature Long Term Evolution(LTE) module and 7 Gigabit Ethernet Ports including 2 SFP Giga Fiber ports (1 WAN, 6 LAN). Cellular communication features include port-to-LTE routing, LTE/Wi-Fi auto-offload, dual SIM standby, SNMP and a Mobile Manager Server for remote management. WR7827-1S2F features different type VPN Client technology and OpenVPN Server for secure M2M connectivity. The product design and advanced technical features provide great flexibility for field installation. It collects the data from DS409 for further high-performance data transmission to the Control Center.