Power Substation Automation
Data communication has always been of high importance for power systems. And due to huge demand, continuous investments and increasing trend for smarter energy, communication is becoming even more crucial, therefore, deploying reliable and secure Ethernet networks for remote monitoring and distributed control systems (DSC) has become inevitable necessity for the whole infrastructure. In the meantime, system integrators encounter following major market specificities that should be taken into account:
■ Remote location of substations between each other and Control Center predetermined the need of fiber connectivity for long distance data transmission.
■ Power substations typically have unfavorable working environments with high level of electromagnetic interference, wide temperature fluctuations; therefore, rugged network equipment is needed.
■ Vertical market certifications
 are required.
■ Cyber data security for power utilities has become vital due to the emerging threats of cyber-attacks against the assets.

WoMaster developed professional solutions of mission-critical substation communication networks. WoMaster’s data communication equipment is specially designed to solve the market challenges and provide functionality required at all levels of power substations automation systems while reducing operational expenses for power companies.

Power substation surveillance
Power station surveillance systems

Driven by the realities of increasing connectivity of substations, electrical power companies’ strategies nowadays include surveillance systems for real-time on-site monitoring. Surveillance efficiently increases working productivity by fast recovery from faulty operation of the system as well as critical situations such as lightning strikes and preventing accidents, e.g., downed power lines or electrocution. When developing system integration solutions for power substation surveillance networks market concerns outlined above have to be overcome.

WoMaster’s din-rail L3 managed switches DS620 are suitable for deploying in electrical stations remote monitoring system for its high reliability and rugged design. DS620 is specially designed for industrial environments requiring high quality data transmission in harsh conditions.
 Advanced system design is appropriate for harsh industrial environments; it features IP31 rugged enclosure, dual redundant 10.5~60VDC power input, hi-pot isolation and operating temperature -40~75°C. To ensure overcoming high level of electromagnetic interference on power plants, DS620 obtained EMC certificates.
 For easy maintenance, DS620 utilized integrated Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) used to discover all the devices connected to the switch.
 Such integrated user-friendly functions as Cisco-Like CLI, Web, SNMP, RMON of DS620 allow users to conveniently and effectively manage the network.
 16 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports can be connected with IP surveillance cameras whilst 4 Gigabit SFP Combo ports are used for uplink data transmission to Substation Monitoring Center. DS620 switches are connected in Gigabit Fiber Ring by SFP transceivers, and Ring Redundancy technology guarantees no-packet-loss data delivery to Control Center for power substations monitoring without time latency.
Rugged design, easy management, industrial certifications of DS620 make this switch a perfect option for reliable Power plant video-surveillance.


DSC for power substation monitoring


Distributed control system (DSC) for power plant remote monitoring 

As Power Utilities locations are remotely distributed, DCS is usually implemented in power plant automation system for increasing working productivity as well as for smart energy production with eliminated influence on environment. Vital role of data communication between various automation components is evident though it brings the problem of data protection from cyber-attacks as it is based on Ethernet and Internet. WoMaster developed a comprehensive solution for power plant DSC including rugged hardware and advanced software.
Various on-site measuring/monitoring devices are connected to Full Gigabit L2 managed switches DS409 which are deployed in Gigabit Fiber Rings through SFP combo ports and fiber transceivers. The field data once collected by DS409 is further redirected to RS628 switches installed in stations’ Control Centers. Ring Redundancy technology supported by WoMaster’s switches ensures continuously reliable real-time data communication preventing switching loops which is especially valuable for complex DCSs. Ruggedized IP31 design of DS409 with dual redundant 10.5~60VDC power input ensures system reliability whilst hi-pot isolation and operating temperature -40~75°C make this switch suitable for harsh environments of power substations.
On Control level, industrial L3 managed switches RS628 are chosen to be deployed due to its’ advanced hardware enclosure with wide operating temperature -40~85°C and fanless design for dust prevention. Importantly for this application, RS628 obtained power substation certificates IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613. Furthermore, Cyber Network Security features maintain availability and safety of control system providing data security and protecting from cyber-attacks. Utilized by RS628 LLDP function allows finding devices and discovers network topology, therefore, providing efficient network monitoring.
All these hardware and software forces make RS628 an ideal choice for Power Substations Distributed Control Systems.