Security Surveillance

Within the last few years, IP-surveillance has become a basic security tool not only for governmental organizations and banks, but for the whole city infrastructure. WoMaster proposes efficient and cost-saving solutions for security IP-surveillance in SMART city.

City surveillance
For city IP-video surveillance security system, din-rail PoE switches DP310 and wireless outdoor AP WO7072-X are used. DP310 switches supply power to IP cameras and wireless AP through 8 PoE+ ports and transmit the IP-video stream to outdoor wireless access points WO7072-X, which in its’ turn uplink forward real-time high quality video stream to the City Central Monitoring Office.
It is important for large-scale city applications that implementing DP switch in city IP-surveillance infrastructure is economical as it allows saving on wiring and electrical sockets deployment costs. Reliable system operation is ensured by keep-alive checking of PD to prevent port dysfunction or power failure. Outdoor wireless AP ensures transmission of large amounts of video on long distance. Due to supporting industry-leading 5.8G 802.11ac Wave 1 and 2.4G 802.11n dual radios, WO7072-X considerably enhances the bandwidth and ensures no-loss traffic transmission.
City surveillance network
By using DP310 and WO7072-X, it is possible to view real-time video through any of the city IP security cameras. Intelligent PoE budget control allows supplying priority powering to the IP cameras in highly important locations and schedule camera powering for the locations where surveillance is needed only for certain period of day. IP67 protection of WO7072-X, -40~70°C wide operation temperature, easy installation and network reliability make WoMaster’s solution an ideal choice for establishing city IP-surveillance network.
Stadium surveillance network

Stadium surveillance

High quality real-time IP-video surveillance guarantees security for large capacity city locations, such as stadiums and sport complexes. WoMaster developed solutions with reliable network infrastructure, fast recovery and network redundancy if the system goes down. High-definition IP-video cameras are installed in key security locations of sport complex: entrances, parking zones, across the sitting areas, in the corridors. After connection to the network, IP cameras and network equipment are remotely configured and managed from Control Center.
WoMaster’s din-rail industrial managed Ethernet switches DS409 are deployed in Ring topology for network redundancy. DS409 is equipped with 9 full gigabit ports that provide high bandwidth for high-resolution quality data transmission. DP310 are also implemented in the system for providing data connectivity and supplying PoE to IP-cameras.
Rugged design, hi-pot isolation and -40~75°C operating temperature for harsh environments allows installation of WoMaster equipment in highly critical weather conditions, which is especially valuable for outdoor stadiums.
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