WoMaster Invites you to IoT Master Webinar LoRaWAN Parking Management Introduction and Demo

WoMaster Invites you to IoT Master Webinar – LoRaWAN Parking Management Introduction and Demo


Taipei Apr.14 – LPWAN technology is widely used to support IoT-based data transmission and management. The technology supports M2M applications that need to transmit a small amount of data over a long-range through low-power consumption. The LPWAN Market size is estimated to surpass USD 80 billion by 2027, according to research by Global Market Insights Inc. In addition to industrial IoT acceptance, LoRaWAN is also highly interested in the smart city segment.

WoMaster IoT Master LoRaWAN parking management webinar focuses on the introduction of LoRaWAN technology, LoRaWAN parking detection sensor, LoRaWAN gateway, and demonstration of LoRaWAN gateway to cloud platform by nodeRED programming tool. Please get in touch with WoMaster sales or register online to participate.  If you cannot join the webinar on that day, we can also send you video recording afterward. 

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About WoMaster

With over 20 years of industrial IoT market experience, WoMaster Group is the leading R&D-based manufacturer of Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT) , Industrial Networking and Communication Hardware and Cloud platform. The company is joint ventured by global listed Industrial companies including HolyStone Group, IEIxQNAP Group in Taiwan, and HMS Industrial Networks in Sweden. WoMaster Group has offices in Spain, Taiwan, China, France, UK, and UAE for IoT and networking design and technical services. The team owns critical IIOT hardware and software technologies, and multiple patents concerning cybersecurity and redundancy for wired and wireless networks.
WoMaster offers complete Industrial and Smart City IoT solutions ( Sensors, Communication, Platform ) for different type of applications such as

  • Parking Occupancy Management and Guidance ( Based on NB-IoT, LoRa )

  • Water Tank Quality Monitoring ( Temperature, PH, ORP, TDS, CL, Bromine, EC, ….) 

  • Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring  ( Temperature, PH, ORP, TDS, CL, Bromine, EC, ….) 

  • Air Quality Monitoring ( CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO, SO2, PM2.5, PM10, O3, ….)

  • Weather Station Remote Monitoring ( Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rain, CO2, … )

  • Water and Fuel Level Remote Monitoring

  • Waste bin Fill Level Monitoring  ( Based on NB-IoT, LoRa )

  • Manhole Cover (Open/Close Detection )

  • Smart Irrigation System (Soil Moisture, PH)

  • Smart Traffic

  • In-Vehicle Computing

  • Noise Level Remote Monitoring