Full Range of Air Quality Sensors for Industrial, Residential, and Public Air Monitor


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Full Range of Air Quality Sensors for Industrial, Residential, and Public Air Monitor

WoMaster launched a full range of real time air quality sensors, including CO, CO2, PM2.5/10, O2, O3, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3, and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) sensors. The air quality sensors are for indoor and outdoor use (with additional weather louver).

The air quality sensors are essential to monitor real time air quality of residential area, public or recreational parks, industrial areas, and hazardous locations such as oil and gas, mining, chemical factories. The sensors accept 10~30Vdc power input voltage.

Full Range of Air Quality Sensors for Industrial, Residential, and Public Air Monitor




WoMaster is the pioneer company in developing reliable Mesh WiFi solutions for industrial and outdoor applications.  Mesh WiFi technology though powerful, however, is rather easy and smart to manage in industrial use. The technology dynamically selects the best Wi-Fi link for each device based on application, band and context, giving each one the bandwidth it needs for optimal performance. To apply in industrial or critical cases, security is utmost important. More connected devices mean more ways to compromise a Wi-Fi network. That’s why WoMaster Mesh WiFi offers a framework to build security mechanisms that are designed to prevent and quarantine potential threats and alert users of the issue. The Mesh AP can find different routing options and use the optimized route. If there’s a bandwidth bottleneck or a hang-up on an existing connection, the Mesh AP can take another router and continue delivering optimal performance.

This Industrial Mesh WiFi webinar series focuses on the Mesh network introduction, the configuration and brief demo. The participation is limited for pre-registration and invitation for IoT professionals to get in-depth know-how of real IoT implementation.  Please get in touch with WoMaster sales or register online to participate.  If you cannot join the webinar on that day, we can also send you video recording afterward. 

Industrial Mesh WiFi Introduction and Demo Webinar

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WoMaster released a new Industrial LoRa Application Whitepaper covering the LoRa and LoRaWAN Network Technology, LoRa Network Structure, and the Application for Analog IO Control and Mapping Solutions.  It also focuses the management, security and rule chain of analog input/output control via LoRa network.
WoMaster is the industrial leader in LoRa / LoRaWAN solutions including LoRa and LoRaWAN controller and gateway.  WoMaster LoRa/LoRaWAN solutions offer great flexibility in wireless IoT applications, such as LED light control, environment sensors and meters reading for Smart City Applications such as Lighting, Smart Farming, Smart Environment Monitor, etc.  
WoMaster LoRa Analog Controller LC144 supports multiple analog inputs and outputs, such as 0~10V voltage inputs and outputs, 4~20mA current inputs and outputs, PWM output and one RS-485 port for Modbus RTU slave for IoT applications such as fish farm, oil wells, harbor, or mining sites where physical connection is difficult and WiFi/Cellular signals are weak due to long distance.

Analog I/O Extension & Mapping over LoRa
LM200 Poll Source LC144 Input Channel to Target LC100 Output Channel(s) by Rule
One to One or One to Many Algorism
Create /Edit Tracking Rule by Utility Tool
ECHO & Re-Send Mechanism
AES 128 Data Encryption
Industrial -40~75˚C, IP40 protection
400 or 900mHz band range