LoRa Analog Input Output Controller for IoT Applications


To Industrial IoT/Networking/Embedded partners,

LoRa Analog Input Output Controller for IoT Applications

WoMaster launched a new series of LoRa Controller Gateway supporting Analog IO including 0-10V, 4-20MA, PWM, and RS485 interfaces.  The LM100/LC100 series utilizes the latest Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA) technology to build Modbus/RTU communication for long-distance, wide-coverage, and low power consumption wireless IoT applications.
Multiple analog inputs and outputs are supported in LC100 series, such as voltage inputs and outputs, current inputs and outputs, PWM output and one RS-485 port for Modbus RTU slave. One LM100 RS485 Modbus RTU can connect up to 250pcs LC100 LoRa end nodes for two-way communications where field site analog signals are sent from LC100 and controlled by LM100. The LoRa wireless distance can reach up to 3-6KM distance depending on the environment. Multiple channels are supported such as EU 433Mhz, EU 868Mhz, AS 923Mhz, KR 920Mhz, and US 915Mhz.
The LM100/LC100 series offers great flexibility in wireless IoT applications, such as LED light control, environment sensors and meters reading for Smart City Applications such as Lighting, Smart Farming, Smart Environment Monitor, etc.


  • Transparent Two-Way Modbus Communication by LoRa
  • 0~10V Input / Output for LED Dimmer
  • 4~20mA Input / Output for Sensors Meters
  • PWM Output with Duty Cycle Control
  • 1 RS-485 2-wires for Modbus/ RTU Slave device
  • Wide Coverage up to 6KM
  • Max.250 LC144 Nodes to one LM100
  • -40 ~ 75°C / 90%H  Operating Temperature / Humidity


LC LoRa Controller


Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) have developed in multiple ways. LoRa and LoRaWAN have been developed and adopted quickly due to the low power consumption and long transmission distance.  Especially applications such as IoT environment sensors, smart meters, or smart light control can be benefited by the LoRa solution.  Join the LoRa Webinar at 10 AM CET time on Feb.20 and learn more.

The LPWAN webinar series cover the following topics:
1. LoRa Controller introduction and LM/LC Demo- Feb.20
2.  LoRaWAN introduction and 322 LORA/OTA demo- Mar.19
3.  Weather Station Sensor introduction and ES105 demo- Apr.23
4.  Smart Parking introduction and demo- May.21
5.  Smart Waste Bin Fill Level Monitoring introduction and Demo- Jun.18
6.  Water Meter Reading introduction and demo- Jul.23
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NBIot Parking Sensor
Features of PS102 IRGM NB BT27
  • Surface mount without the need for drilling holes
  • Battery inside for up to 3 years operation
  • Infrared and Magnetic dual sensing technology
  • Report status by NBIoT cellular network
  • Managed remotely by ThingsMaster OTA
  • Weather and temperature protected