Programming on Cloud – OTA Rule Chain | WoMaster

Join WoMaster’s “IIoT in 30min” webinar on March 14 and learn how to program on Cloud using OTA Rule Chain! We will introduce the main features of ThingsMaster OTA and show you how to add logical rule/do the programming on the OTA ThingsMaster rule chain for creating alarm rules in case of critical events, such as low RSSI signal strength, speed limit exceeds, emergency button activation.

This Webinar can be viewed by YouTube WoMaster Channel

Ready to use IIoT solutions:

*Secured and Rugged Industrial IoT Edge Computer WR322GR-EC with NodeRED Flow-Based Programming Tool
■ QCA9558 MIPS-based processor 720MHz processor for various industrial solutions
■ 1 or 2 software selectable RS-232/422/485 and 2 auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
■ SD socket for storage expansion
■ Rich programmable LEDs and a programmable button for easy installation and maintenance
■ 1 or 2 optional mini PCIe socket for Wi-Fi/cellular module
■ Node-RED flow-based programming for reliable and secure data acquisition and processing


* Flexible and compact LTE WiFi router WR224 for easy IIoT and Smart City integration WR224:
■ LTE Cat.4/2.4 GHz WiFidual radio router OR simply a single high-speed WiFi AP
■ LTE to WiFi redundancy and auto-offload to ensure 
high-speed data transmission
■ Firewall, OpenVPN, GRE tunnel, HTTPs/SSH secure login, TACACS+ multi-user authentication
■ Integration with public clouds AWS or Azure and private cloud ThingsMaster and ThingsMaster OTA

*ThingsMaster OTA Device Management
■ Setting group device configuration, Group reboot
■ Firmware version upgrade
■ Device status, device alarm setting
■ GPS location, speed, route, signal strength
, an event record

ThingsMaster OTA Device Management - Online Demo:

Password: womaster101