Smart Water Quality Monitoring with SCB1200 in Taiwan water treatment facilities

WoMaster has developed a fully integrated, easy to install and use communication system
SCB1200 which provides an efficient solution for water monitoring applications.
Freshwater is a finite resource essential for agriculture, industry and human existence. Water pollution and wasteful use of freshwater make freshwater quality monitoring a crucial part of development projects realized by local, regional or national government agencies, research groups, consulting firms or non-governmental organizations.
Water quality management aims to control the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water. Elements of management may include control of pollution, use, and abstraction of water, and land use. A water quality monitoring network must ensure collection and delivering all necessary data collected from sensors to the Monitoring Center for further evaluation and project planning and for avoiding the needless and wasteful expenditure of time, effort, and money.
SCB1200 was deployed on Taiwan water treatment facilities for water quality remote monitoring and control.
A fully integrated, easy to install and use communication system was chosen SCB1200 as it provides an efficient solution for water quality monitoring application. It comes with rugged IP67 enclosure and sophisticated design:  
  • SCB1200 supports the industrial Modbus communication protocol which provides the efficiency of connectivity. To customize SCB1200 for your application, you can connect various types of sensors, e.g., Water flow sensor, Turbidity sensor, Water level gauge sensor, water temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen, etc.
  • PoE ports for enabling IP cameras that provide real-time on-site image monitoring for preventing vandalism and other emergencies.
  • VoIP: SCB provides an audio interface and can connect to a speaker. When a suspicious person or abnormality is discovered, a remote monitoring officer can give warnings and alerts remotely through VoIP.
  • DI/DO: Connect to a water gate motor. When the water level exceeds a certain height, the watergate will be opened via DI/DO

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