Discover a new approach to IIoT integration in WoMaster’s 2019 Smart City Guide

WoMaster's new 2019 Smart City Guide adds value for wide-range engineering roles on Smart City and industrial automation networks demonstrating the whole new approach to IIoT-based technologies from the initial design of system-integration projects to cloud management and network control.
Below are the main trends, technologies, and concerns of IIoT integration covered in the Smart City Guide:
1.       On the connectivity side, there appears a trend of fully integrated embedded communication systems which allow optimizing costs, engineering efforts, and size of the networks: an all-in-one 
Smart City Box provides a flexible and customizable solution for IP-surveillance and connection of sensors/alarm/speaker/display/WiFi/LTE/solar battery/routers, etc.
2.       Data acquisition solutions for various needs of vertical markets:
-       Industrial wireless cellular routers with fiber ports (
WR316) and serial ports (WR322 series)
-       Industrial IoT edge Computer/gateway
-       Railway L3
cyber security (MP614) and infotainment (MP310) switches
-       PoE and cellular gateway in one device (
WR329P) for vehicle tracking and onboard IP-surveillance
Rackmount L2/L3 switches for Data Centers
-       Ruggedized L2/L3 
PoE and Ethernet switches
3.       Enhanced Cyber Security features for network protection, as data security concerns are the biggest challenge when it comes to planning and executing IIoT projects.
4.       Data redundancy and backup: ERPS v.2 backup by a wireless
 network, patented auto-offload technology.
5.       Network management (
NetMaster), data analytics and management from any place at any time from the Cloud platform (ThingsMaster Cloud), over-the-air device configuration (ThingsMaster OTA).
6.       Environmental monitoring with weatherproof sensor systems (
ES100 series).
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