Master in IIoT World Webinar series

We are currently witnessing all the evidences of the rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): the world is becoming more connected, Cloud monitoring from any place/any time gives the unprecedented scope for industries to use data from connected devices to become more productive, efficient, and cost-saving. Trillions of dollars are at stake as the IIoT rolls out over the next decade. The cleverest will master the necessary knowledge/skills, take part in the formation of New Era networks and reap the benefits.

To help you have the edge over the IIoT technology, WoMaster is launching a series of free educational “Master in IIoT” webinars for industrial IoT networking professionals.
Don’t miss a chance to register for free participation in webinars held by leading developers to deepen your knowledge and as a bonus you’ll get “Master in IIoT World” Certificate:
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Webinar agenda:
Date/Time Topic Product Launched Lecturer
Aug.10, 10 am CET Smart City
System Integration
Innovative approach to IIoT with SCB1200 - All-in-One Smart City Box Orwell Hsieh, Product Div. CTO
10 am CET
Smart Vehicle
and Fleet Management
Exclusive technology: Dual Radio LTE/WiFi PoE router WR329P for smart bus Andrew Wang, PM Director
10 am CET
Wireless redundant over ERPS v.2 Ultra-reliable network with WR316GPS – Full Giga LTE PoE router with ERPS fiber redundancy NetMaster Sean Liu, Software Div. CTO
10 am CET
LoRa & LoRa WAN EN110/EN211 – Edge Nodes for IIoT networks Andrew Wang, PM Director
10 am CET
Smart Environmental Cloud Monitoring IIoT monitoring through Public Cloud AWS / Azure and Private Cloud ThingMaster  Ada Su, Sr. FAE

If you’re wishing but not able to participate on that dates, you can contact us by filling out the form above and we will send you the webinar files later.