New Outdoor Meter Box for DLMS COSEM meter data to NBIoT | LTE Network

New Outdoor Meter Box for DLMS COSEM meter data to NBIoT / LTE Network

Taipei Nov.20 – For the growing demands of smart grid, smart meter applications, WoMaster designs a new outdoor meter box specifically for power meter or DLMS meters. The SCB211DL is a smart DLMS COSEM Meter Cellular Gateway with LTE or NBIoT network. It saves electricity companies great cost and effort to integrating additional DLMS converter or NBIoT router with enhanced cybersecurity features. The IP54 Fire Resistance ABS Enclosure can protect from dust, moisture, and rain from the outdoor environment. The RJ45 connector from Cable Gland connector includes one two-wire RS485 for DLMS Power Meter to read OBIS codes and 12V power input from the Power Meter. No extra power supply is required. The SCB211DL can be customized by different types of DLMS meter and OBIS codes.
To safeguard cybersecurity, security features such as Firewall, OpenVPN, GRE tunnel are supported. The embedded COAP protocol enables HES integration for Smart Meter System. The ThingsMaster OTA safeguards the device from the remote-control center to detect and fix abnormalities at local sites.
・LTE or NBIoT Cellular Network
・Connect to DLMS/COSEM Power Meter
・Directly Powered from Power Meter, no extra power supply needed
・Dual Redundant SIM slots for LTE or NBIoT
・OBIS Codes to HES via COAP protocol
・Internal RJ45 Ethernet Port or Wireless 2.4G for configuration
・ThingsMaster OTA for remote device maintenance
・1 Digital Input, 1 Digital Output, and 1 Ground

About WoMaster:

With over 20 years of industrial IoT market experience, WoMaster Group is one of the leading IoT providers in the Industrial world. The company is joint ventured by global listed Industrial companies including IEIxQNAP Group, HMS Industrial Networks, and HolyStone Group. WoMaster designs and manufactures high-quality industrial products for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, intelligent transportation and smart city surveillance. From networking devices to all-in-one communication stations, WoMaster adds value by the hardened design, public and private cloud platform, high levels of Cyber Security protection, and customer-oriented solutions.