Outdoor Rugged Cellular Router WR210A LTE for Electricity Smart Grid

Outdoor Rugged Cellular Router WR210A-LTE for Electricity Smart Grid

WoMaster Dec.11, 2023, a leading innovator in industrial connectivity solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the WR210A-LTE, an advanced industrial wireless serial router designed to seamlessly integrate serial data of the power distribution terminal into the cellular network.

WR210A-LTE is equipped with an RS232/422/485 port, providing a versatile solution for connecting meters, sensors, or RTUs and enabling the transmission of critical data to remote clouds or data centers through the cellular network. This router's flexibility is further enhanced by its adaptable RS232/422/485 mode, configurable through software or system reset, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

Designed with meter applications in mind, the
WR210A-LTE demonstrates seamless integration of the meter control protocol, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring precise and reliable data transmission. The AC and DC power inputs offer flexibility for the site deployment. The removable cover of the IP51 enclosure helps fast maintenance while providing IP51 ingress protection.

Key Features:
1.     eUICC Support for eSIM Use: The router supports eUICC, facilitating easy integration of eSIM technology for enhanced connectivity and data transmission.
2.     Comprehensive Management Features: The WR210A-LTE comes equipped with an array of management features, including keep alive, periodic reset, time server synchronization, syslog server, SNMP configuration and Trap, as well as firmware and configuration backup/restore, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.
3.     Security at Its Core: To ensure secure connectivity, the router supports IPSec and AES encryption, safeguarding sensitive data during transmission.
4.     Robust and Versatile Design: Housed in a meter-like casing with IP51 protection, the WR210A-LTE is built to withstand challenging industrial environments. It accommodates both AC and 48-110VDC inputs, providing flexibility in power options. Operating reliably within a wide temperature range of -25 to 70℃, this router is a dependable solution for diverse industrial settings.

WoMaster is confident that the WR210A-LTE will set new benchmarks in industrial wireless communication by providing a robust, secure, and flexible solution for remote data integration.
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