Small Weather Station for Real Time Environmental Monitoring over Cloud

Small Weather Station for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring over Cloud

Taipei May.20 – The
ES107 series is an integrated outdoor sensor unit for all types of environmental and weather monitoring sensors include temperature, humidity, noise, Atmospheric Pressure, wind direction, wind speed, and CO2 or PM2.5&10. The monitored data is output through RS-485 interface by Modbus protocol.  The ES107 sensor unit accepts 10~30Vdc power input voltage and is protected by the IP65 grade Anti-U/V lightweight ABS louver radiation shield. The mounting kit can be installed over the pole top. With the optional NBIoT/WiFi gateway WR222, LoRa end node LC144, or outdoor SCB111-RS485 NBIoT gateway, the data can be monitor on the cloud platform.  The ES107 sensor unit can be widely applied in agriculture, residential or industrial area weather and air quality monitoring, and remote weather stations.

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