WoMaster Cyber security training video is available online

WoM Europe, Mar. 5, 2018 - Over the last decade, addressing and resolving the growing threat for closed industrial IoT networks to be accessed and influenced over the public Internet has become the main priority for industrial automation and system control integrators. In February 2018, WoMaster held Cyber Security training for its partners to demonstrate how they can provide complete protection of the IIoT network according to ISA Secure - IEC 62443-4-2.

The training covers cybersecurity features hardware and software integrated protection mechanism, which applies the latest ASIC secure technology (L2-L7 packet classification), multi-level authentication, secure data transmission, encrypted key data, complete event logs/traps
, operational errors prevention, and event logs, and operational errors exceeds IEC62443-4-2 Level 2 requirements to build the most secure systems for industrial applications.

Other topics included Advanced Port Based Security IEEE802.1 x MAB (MAC Authentication Bypass), which enables port-based access control, using a central authentication center such as TACACS+ / Radius, multi-level user passwords, and DHCP snooping.

The recorded videos from this IIoTcyber security training are now available online:

Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdpnIJjdbXk
Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAcCXne96NM&t=4s

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