WoMaster Launches High Performance Industrial Secure and Redundant Router Firewall VPN NAT Full Giga L3 Switch

WoMaster Launches High-Performance Industrial Secure and Redundant Router Firewall VPN NAT Full Giga L3 Switch

Taipei Apr.06 – DRS610 series is designed for industrial environments requiring a high level of security design, LAN to WAN routing and high-speed Ethernet/Fiber communications, such as industrial automation, road traffic control, etc. DRS610 provides 10-port full-gigabit Ethernet including 8-port Gigabit RJ45 and 2-port 100M/1G SFP. The DRS610 Din-Rail layer 3 router switch supports dual WAN ports, NAT, Firewall, OpenVPN, IPSec, Routing, and L2 managed switch features such as VRRP routing and ERPS v2 network redundancy. The industrial design features a wide operating temperature from -40~70oC and high EMC protection.  The platform supports cellular LTE and 5G extension by request.

・Highly integrated Secure NAT/Firewall/VPN Router and L3/L2 Managed Switch
・10-port Full Gigabit Ethernet ports, including 8 Gigabit RJ45 and 2 100/1000M SFP.
・Dual WAN ports available for Network Address Translation (LAN) Routing
・ >100Mbps LAN to WAN NAT Routing Performance
・Firewall for traffic classification, port forwarding, DMZ and deep packet inspection for Modbus TCP/UDP*
・Support OpenVPN, IPsec, DMVPN* for secure remote access
・Support VRRP for router redundancy
・Built-in DHCP Server that automatically provides and assigns IP addresses, default gateways to clients

About WoMaster:
With over 20 years of industrial IoT market experience, WoMaster Group is one of the leading IoT providers in the Industrial world. The company is joint ventured by global listed Industrial companies including IEIxQNAP Group, HMS Industrial Networks, and HolyStone Group. WoMaster designs and manufactures high-quality industrial products for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, intelligent transportation and smart city surveillance. From networking devices to all-in-one communication stations, WoMaster adds value by the hardened design, public and private cloud platform, high levels of Cyber Security protection, and customer-oriented solutions.