WoMaster filmed a video explaining wireless auto–offload feature from Demo Control Room

WoMaster filmed a video explaining the wireless auto-offload feature for vehicle and railway data communication networks.
Usually, when buses or trains come to the station, they will transmit the surveillance video, traffic information data to the station Control Center via WiFi connectivity.
If the data is of a bigger size, the process may not finish before the bus or train departure. As the train/bus departs, the WiFi signal is becoming weaker, so the data transmission cannot be fulfilled successfully. To solve this problem, WoMaster developed industrial wireless routers with supported auto-offload features providing automatic change to LTE connectivity and keep data transmitting going until it’s finished.

From this video, you will know how this feature is carried out in Demo Control Room settings.
The video is available online on YouTube and on WoMaster's website.
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