WoMaster launches Cloud Platform ThingsMaster for IIoT networks monitoring and control

September 12, 2018 - WoMaster launches ThingsMaster IIoT Cloud Platform for managing on-site equipment of Industrial Plant Networks from any place, at any time, providing instant and secure access from any web browser.
Onsite video is streamed to the remote gateway by RSTP in real-time, and when a suspicious person or anomaly is detected, a warning or alarm can be broadcasted remotely via VoIP.
ThingsMaster is compatible with Amazon AWS, MS Azure Cloud, IIoT Gateway, MQTT Broker/Publisher, LoRa Gateway, Serial server, etc.
Field site video surveillance stream and sensor data are available anytime and anywhere.
Check out the ThingsMaster online demo website.
Online Demo

Website: thingsmaster.womaster.eu
Username: womaster
Password: womaster101
About WoMaster:
WoMaster Group is an international group with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer-oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, wastewater, intelligent transportation, and IP surveillance. WoMaster product range includes Industrial Networking and Computing products.

Email: info@womaster.eu
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