WoMaster recorded an on–site demo video to show the implementation of ERPS v.2 on Big Scale Ring topology

WoM Europe, December 12, 2017 – Being a pioneer in developing rugged industrial networking equipment with the support of the latest redundancy protocol ITU-T G.8032 v2 ERPS, WoMaster recently recorded an on-site demo experiment of the implementation of ERPS v.2 on Big Scale Ring topology.

As was outlined in WoMaster’s previous press releases, ERPS v.2 is tending to replace proprietary ring redundancy, standard Ethernet Ring Switching, Chain, and Dual homing as it provides reliable data redundancy by network protection from loop formation, less than 50 ms recovery time, as well as cost-effectiveness achieved by 
high level of interoperability with third party network devices.

To show the efficiency of 
ERPS v.2 and reliability of WoMaster’s switches in large scale industrial networks, FAE created Big Scale Ring topology with connected IP-camera, end devices, and IXIA network node to monitor the streaming quality and check the package loss during ring failure and recovery session. Further, FAE deliberately created ring failure. The results of the experiment showed that during ring failure, video streamed without any delay. The video clearly demonstrates that ERPS ring works efficiently for data redundancy even in Big Scale topology.
You are welcome to watch this demo video on WoMaster's website “Support” -> 
Training section.

About WoMaster :
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