WoMaster releases new Outdoor IP68 Compact Modbus RS485 to CAT M1 NBIoT Gateway

WoMaster Releases new Outdoor IP68 Compact  Modbus RS485 to CAT M1 / NBIoT Gateway SCB111-485-DC

WoMaster Releases new Outdoor IP68 Compact  Modbus RS485 to CAT M1 / NBIoT Gateway SCB111-485-DC

Taipei Mar.16, 2023- WoMaster Introduces the new SCB111-485-DC, an outdoor compact RS485 to NB-IoT Cat M1 gateway with advanced features for efficient data reading and management. This new gateway supports LTE NB1/2, Cat-M1, 2G GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900 networks to read RS485 data with rich Modbus function codes.

SCB111-485-DC is designed for outdoor use with an IP68 weather protection rating, making it ideal for harsh weather conditions. It accepts 9-30V DC power input and can tolerate wide temperature ranges from -40 to 70C. The management can be made by OTA such as firmware OTA and configuration OTA.

With the ability to connect up to 20 devices and read 140 registers, this gateway saves up to 100 event logs, providing comprehensive data management solutions. It supports MQTT cloud protocol for IoT applications, making it easier to integrate with cloud-based platforms.

"We are excited to introduce the SCB111-485-DC, which is designed to provide reliable and efficient data collection solutions in outdoor environments," said Roger Fan, the product manager of WoMaster. "This new gateway is equipped with advanced features and can connect to a wide range of networks, making it versatile and highly functional."
The SCB111-485-DC is ideal for industrial applications that require a reliable and efficient data collection system. For more information on the SCB111-485-DC gateway, please visit our website
www.womaster.eu or contact our sales team info@womaster.eu

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