The SCB1000/1200 series are fully integrated and embedded communication systems within an IP67 box for Smart City and Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) applications. It is protected by IP67 waterproof enclosure, and cable gland connectors for Gigabit 802.3bt ultra PoE /802.3at PoE plus ports, Fiber SFP, Serial, Voice, DI, DO. It is greatly flexible with different power in/out sources, internal USB, SD , Ethernet and mCPIe socket for wireless expansion. Comparing with traditional cabinet, the SCB1000/1200 series save you a lot of time and effort to assembly the power source, different medias interfaces, wireless expansion, software test and system adjustments. With the embedded ready to use Smart City Box, you can easily install the box on roadside power tower, street light or wall mount on the wall/roof in the field.
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Full system integration with IP67 enclosure for outdoor applications
4 high power PoE with management to connect to cameras
1 Giga WAN port for network, USB for configuration and SD slot for storage
Audio interface to connect the Speaker and Microphone
Fiber uplink with ERPS Ring support to provide network resilience
LTE and WiFi support as hot spot
local RS232 interface and Lora support for IoT devices
Flexibility power input source including AC or DC power input, two external 24V DC output and optional PV input for solar panels
  • Serial: It's able to connect with various water sensors, SCB supports industrial Modbus communication protocol which provides the efficiency of connectivity.
    - The used Sensors as follows:
    • Electrical Conductivity sensor
    • Dissolved Oxygen sensor
    • pH sensor
    • Temp. sensor

  • RTSP IP camera provides the real-time image monitoring.

  • VoIP: SCB provides an audio interface and can connect to a speaker. When a suspicious person or abnormality is discovered, it can be broadcasted remotely through VoIP.

  • DI / DO: Connect to an alarm, when the EC / DO / pH / Temp. over a certain value, the alarm will be triggered.

  • SCB built-in a 48V / 2.5A battery and support solar PV power input, preventing power outage.