The Innovative and Intelligent LTE routing switch WR329P series is designed to combine functionalities of LTE router and 8-Port power boost PoE+ switch for Smart Bus applications. It can also be used in roadside cabinets or other industrial applications for multi-port Ethernet ports to LTE routing. The flexible modular design allows project customization of enable/disable PoE ports, LTE. Wide Temperature and ruggedized design allow convenient deployment in existing infrastructure under the harsh conditions.
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High Throughput Wireless Performance
• LTE Cat.4, 2x2 MIMO, 150M downlink and 50M uplink
• 4G/3G/2G full cellular network compatibility
     LTE-E:   FDD B1/3/5/7/8/20; TDD B38/40/41   
     LTE-AU: FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28; TDD B40
     LTE-CN: FDD B1/3/5//8; TDD B38/39/40/41
     LTE-U:   FDD B2/B4/B12

Multiple Ethernet ports
• Supports 8x Fast Ethernet PoE+ ports, provides 100M wire-speed switching
• Supports 1x Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for uplink or NVR
• LAN Switch port to LTE  or WAN port routing
• WAN to LTE Redundant

Extreme PoE Capability
• Provides 8-port IEEE 802.3af/at compliance PoE+, up to 30W per port
• 12/24V to 54VDC Booster PoE
• Up to 120W PoE power budget
• Complete PoE management including per-port Power   Budget Control, PoE Scheduling and PoE Status

Enhanced Cyber Security for Critical Application
• Firewall for traffic classification, port forwarding
• Support NAT, DMZ for LAN protection
• Support OpenVPN, IPsec for secure connection
• Support HTTPs/SSH secure login

Management Features
• Various configuration paths, including WebGUI, CLI and SNMP
• Support ViewMaster Utility, Remote configuration software utility and NetMaster NMS System
• Redundancy: Supports WAN to LTE redundancy
• LLDP topology discovery
• Diagnostic tool includes Radio LED, Ping, TFTP, SNMP Trap, E-mail Alert and System Log
• LTE watchdog, auto-reconnect cellular connection
• OPCuA, Cloud monitoring by request

Rugged Design for Bus, Wayside Surveillance, ITS Application
• Railway EMC: EN50121-4 compliance
• IEC61000-6-2/IEC61000-6-4 heavy industrial EMC
• ITS/Traffic Control: NEMA-TS2 compliance
• Vehicle: E-mark compliance
• Radio RED for CE Marking
• Emission: FCC part 15 B Class A
• Effective heat dissipation design for operating in -40~75
°C environments
Standard 3GPP Release 11 Long Term Evolution (LTE), fallback 3GPP Release 7,8,9 for HSPA/UMTS
IEEE 802.3 10Base-TX Ethernet 
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet 
IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet copper
IEEE 802.3af/at Power-over-Ethernet 
Ethernet Port LAN: 8 x 10/100Base-TX RJ45, Auto Negotiation, IEEE 802.3af/at PoE/PoE+
WAN: 1 x 100/1000Base-T RJ45, 
Auto Negotiation, Auto MDI/MDI-X
System LED 1 x DO: Red On
1 x Power: Green On
1 x SYS: Ready: Green On, Firmware Updating: Green Blinking
1 x WAN: Link: Green On, Activity: Green Blinking
1 x 1000M:WAM port speed, 1000M: Green On, Not 1000M: Off
3 x Radio (Ra, Rb, Rc): Radio status
Ra: SIM1 and 2 detected: Green On, SIM1 or 2 detected: Green Blinking, SIM 1 and 2 not inserted: Off
Rb: LTE1: 4G connection: Green On, 2/3G connection: Green blinking, Disconnected :Off
Rc: LTE2: 4G connection: Green On, 2/3G connection: Green blinking, Disconnected :Off
Ethernet Port LED Link: Green On, Activity: Green Blinking, PoE power feeding: Amber on, PoE power not feeding: Off
USB 1 x USB for Configuration/Firmware Update
Reset System Reset(2~6 Seconds) / Default Settings Reset (over 7 Seconds)
SMA Connector Up to 5 x RP-SMA Female, 4 for Wi-Fi/LTE, 1 x GPS
Power Input, Digital Output 4-Pin Removable Terminal Block Connector
   2 Pin for Power Input
   2 Pin for DO (Relay Alarm)
DO: Dry Relay Output with 0.5A /24V DC
Optional Expansion Board RS232/422/485, Digital Input/ Digital Output, MicroSD card for field application, by  request
 Cellular Properties
Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE 3GPP Pelease 6
UMTS/HSPA 3GPP Release 8
LTE 3GPP Release 11
Data Rate GPRS: DL: max. 85.6 kbps, UL: max.85.6 kbps
EDGE: DL: max. 236.8 kbps, UL: max. 236.8 kbps
HSPA: DL: max. 42 Mbps, UL: max. 5.76 Mbps
LTE-FDD Cat.4: DL: max. 150 Mbps, UL: max. 50 Mbps, 2x2 DL MIMO
LTE-TDD Cat.4: DL: max. 130 Mbps, UL: max. 35 Mbps, 2x2 DL MIMO
Band Information: LTE-E LTE: FDD B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 (2100/1800/850/2600/900/800MHz)
LTE: TDD B38/B40/B41 (2600/2300/2500MHz)
WCDMA: FDD B1/B5/B8 (2100/850/900MHz)
GSM: B3/B8 (1800/900MHz)
Band Information: LTE-U FDD LTE: B2/B4/B12 (1900/1700/700MHz)
WCDMA: B2/B4/B5 (1900/1700/850MHz)
Band Information: LTE-CN LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8 (2100/1800/850/900MHz)
LTE TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41 (2600/1900/2300/2500MHz)
TD-SCDMA: B34/B39 (2000/1900MHz)
WCDMA: B1/B8 (2100/900MHz)
GSM: 900/1800MHz
 GPS Properties
Performance Cold start: 18s, Warm start: 2.2s, Hot start: 1.8s
Sensitivity Cold start: -146dBm, Reacquisition: -157dBm, Tracking: -157dBm
Accuracy < 1.5M
GNSS Frequency GPS/Galileo: 1575.42±1.023 MHz
GLONASS: 1597.5~1605.8 MHz
BeiDou: 1561.098±2.046 MHz
Antenna Frequency range: 1561~1615MHz
Polarization: RHCP or linear
VSWR: <2 (Typ.)
Passive antenna gain: >0dBi
Management Interface CGI WebGUI, Command Line Interface (CLI), Telnet, SNMP
Network Time Managemant SNTP, Cellular Time
Network Management IPv4/IPv6, DDNS, SNMP v1/v2c/v3/Trap, MIBs, LLDP, DHCP server/client, TFTP, System Log
Traffic Management NAT Routing, Traffic Control
Security Firewall, DMZ, Port Forwarding, HTTPs, SSH
Redundancy Protocol WAN/LTE Redundancy
VPN IPsec, OpenVPN
Cellular Configuration Radio on/off, 4G LTE/3G HSPA Configuration, SIM Security, Connection Status, Cellular to Eth-WAN Redundancy, GPS positioning
WLAN Configuration WLAN Basic Settings: Radio on/off, 2.4G 11n/5G 11ac Band and Frequency selection, SSID/Multi-SSIDconfiguration, SSID broadcast, Cellular to WLAN Auto Offload and advanced WLAN settings, 802.1X
 Power Requirement
Input Voltage 12/24VDC(8~32VDC with booster to 54V) min. 8V low-peak auxiliary voltage
Reverse Polarity Protect Yes
Input Current 5.67A@24VDC, 10.76A@8VDC/60W
Power Consumption Max 4.8W@24VDC full traffic without PD loading, suggest to reserve 15% tolerance
Power forwarding mode Alternative A
PoE Power Budget System: Max. 120W@70°C/12VDC, Max.60W@70°C/8VDC
PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af/at
Management PoE Enable/Disable, System/Port Power Budget Control, PD Alive Check, PoE Scheduling, PoE Status
Installation Wall mount
Enclosure Material Steel Metal with Aluminum
Dimension 200(W) x 55(H) x 126(D) mm / without Mounting Clip
Ingress Protection IP31
Weight ≒1.4KG (TBD)
Operating Temperature & Humidity -40°C~75°C , 5%~95% Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature -40°C~85°C
MTBF >200,000 hours
Warranty 5 years
Safety EN60950-1 Compliance
EMC EN61000-6-2/EN61000-6-4
EMI CISPR 22, FCC part 15B Class A
Radio RED Compliance
Safety: EN 62368-1
EN 50385/EN62311 MPE assessment
EN 301 489-1/17/19/52, EN 55032/55024
EN 300 328/EN 301 893
EN 301 908-1
​FCC Part 15B
Railway EN50121-4 Compliance
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Ordering Information
 Model Name
WR309 Industrial 8+1G port Routing Switch
WR309P Industrial 8+1G port PoE Routing Switch
WA329 Industrial 8+1G port Wireless AP/Client, Dual 802.11ac/n WLAN
WA329P Industrial 8+1G port PoE Wireless AP/Client, Dual 802.11ac/n WLAN
WR329-WLAN+LTE-E Industrial 8+1G port Cellular Ethernet Routing Switch, 802.11ac/n WLAN, LTE-E, 2SIM, GPS, FDD B1/3/5/7/8/20, TDD B38/40/41
WR329-WLAN+LTE-CN Industrial 8+1G port Cellular Ethernet Routing Switch, 802.11ac/n WLAN, LTE-CN, 2SIM, GPS,FDD B1/B3/B5/B8, TDD B38/B39/B40/B41
WR329-WLAN+LTE-U Industrial 8+1G port Cellular Ethernet Routing Switch, 802.11ac/n WLAN, LTE-U, 2SIM, GPS,FDD B2/4/12, B2/B4/B5@WCDMA
WR329P-WLAN+LTE-E Industrial 8+1G port Cellular PoE Routing Switch, 802.11ac/n WLAN, LTE-E, 2SIM, GPS, FDD B1/3/5/7/8/20,TDD B38/40/41
WR329P-WLAN+LTE-CN Industrial 8+1G port Cellular PoE Routing Switch, 802.11ac/n WLAN, LTE-CN, 2SIM, GPS,FDD B1/B3/B5/B8, TDD B38/B39/B40/B41
WR329P-WLAN+LTE-U Industrial 8+1G port Cellular PoE Routing Switch, 802.11ac/n WLAN, LTE-U, 2SIM, GPS, FDD B2/4/12, B2/B4/B5@WCDMA
Package List
1 x Product Unit 
1 x 4-pin Removable Terminal Block Connector 
1 x Quick Installation Guide
  • Combine PoE Switch + LTE Gateway (DP210 + WR322G)

  • 8 x 10/100Mbps IEEE 802.3at PoE

  • 1 x Gigabit WAN for NVR / Uplink

  • Dual Radio, 2 x LTE/GPS

  • Dual SIM redundant & eSIM supported

  • 8~32V Booster PoE, max. 120W budget