The SCB1000/1200 series are fully integrated communication systems within an IP67 enclosure for Smart City and Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) applications. The Gigabit 802.3bt ultra PoE /802.3at PoE plus ports, Fiber SFP, Serial, Voice, DI, DO are protected by weather proof cable gland connectors. It is greatly flexible with different power in/out sources, internal USB, SD , Ethernet and mCPIe socket for wireless expansion. Comparing with traditional cabinets, the SCB1000/1200 series save you a lot of time and cost for system integration. The embedded MQTT and RESTful API enables public cloud integration such as AWS or Azure. The private cloud platform ThingsMaster can also be deployed for instant and secured access to for surveillance and IIOT management. With the versatile AC/DC/Solar power sources, you can easily install the box on roadside power tower, street light or wall mount on the wall/roof in the field.
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Full system integration with IP67 enclosure for outdoor applications
4 high power PoE with management to connect to cameras
1 Giga WAN port for network, USB for configuration and SD slot for storage
Audio interface to connect the Speaker and Microphone
Fiber uplink with ERPS Ring support to provide network resilience
LTE and WiFi support as hot spot
local RS232 interface and Lora support for IoT devices
Flexibility power input source including AC or DC power input, two external 24V DC output and optional PV input for solar panels

60W Ultra PoE for Digital Signage / Smart Street Lighting
.2 Giga Ultra PoE 802.3bt Ports with 60W/per port
.2 Giga PoE+ 802.3at Ports with 30W/per port
.1 internal PoE+ 802.3at WAN port for VPN, NAT, Routing Expansion
.PoE Enable/Disable, Budget Control, Port Control, Port Priority, PD Alive Check and port status
.Max. 240W power budget for PoE & DC Output

Weatherproof IP67 Enclosure and cable gland connectors
.Four Giga PoE ports
.Two 100/1000M Fiber SFP slots
SCB1200 only
.One RS232/422/485 RJ-45 port
.One Audio RJ12 port
.Two Digital Inputs
.Two Relay Outputs
Weatherproof M12 connector
- Two DC24V outputs
- One AC100~240V Input
Internal One RS232/422/485 DB9 port
Internal One USB, and One SD socket for Storage

VoIP Voice Broadcast
.RTSP voice streaming Server/Client for VoIP broadcast
.1 to N VoIP broadcasting

Optional Basic Solar Kit
.54V Battery Charge Control board for Solar power input
.Typical 48V/2.5AH Battery for power shortage
.Management Interface for Battery Status

Optional Wireless Expansion
.mPCIe & SIM socket for wireless expansion
.SCB LTE Module and Antenna Kit
- LTE Cat.4/6 Cellular Module
- LTE+GPS Antenna on the top of the box
- 300M(Cat.6)/150M(Cat.4) Downlink, 50M Uplink, FDD/TDD-LTE
.SCB Industrial WLAN Module
- N-Type Antenna Socket on the top of the box
- 5G/2.4G Qualcomm IEEE 802.11ac 2T2R MIMO, up to 866Mbps
- WLAN AP/CPE mode

  • Serial: It's able to connect with various water sensors, SCB supports industrial Modbus communication protocol which provides the efficiency of connectivity.
    - The used Sensors as follows:
    • Electrical Conductivity sensor
    • Dissolved Oxygen sensor
    • pH sensor
    • Temp. sensor
  • RTSP IP camera provides real-time image monitoring.

  • VoIP: SCB provides an audio interface and can connect to a speaker. When a suspicious person or abnormality is discovered, it can be broadcasted remotely through VoIP.

  • DI / DO: Connect to an alarm, when the EC / DO / pH / Temp. over a certain value, the alarm will be triggered.

  • SCB built-in a 48V / 2.5A battery and support solar PV power input, preventing a power outage.

  • Built-in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS agent
Secured Remote Access by VPN
  • SCB1200 can act as a VPN server for data encryption and dynamic remote access. Multiple VPN protocols are supported such as IPSec, OpenVPN, GRE, and L2TP.  The channels between multiple networks, ex. private/public/hybrid networks are fully secured and with authentication features.
Cyber Security Guard
A stateful firewall monitor is in place to monitor the state of the connection at all times. Multiple industrial Fieldbus protocols, ex. Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP are also supported for factory automation applications.
cyber security guard
  • ​Secure IoT Modbus Tags
  1. Tag-based data acquisition with MQTT support
  2. MQTT client acting as publisher and subscriber
  3. The latest TLS encryption and X.509 authentication
  4. Selectable serial port and data type. Sensor alive check and display sensor value
  • GPS/BDS/GLONASS/Galileo Positioning
GPS Glonass BDS Galileo
  • Secured Multiple Sites Management N to N VPN and TLS X.509
- N to N VPN
- Latest TLS encryption and X.509 authentication
  • ThingsMaster OTA (device management over the air) 
The OTA agent embedded in SCB1200 upgrades device management over the air, anywhere you are and any time you want over your mobile devices.  ThingsMaster OTA is a secured local OTA software that can be installed in a private or public servics or even QNAP NAS (network-attached storage). With OTA, all device information such as location, warning event can be shown in real-time.  The maintenance such as configuration reload or device reboot can also be run by the group.
OTA Device Management

 ITU-T G.8032 ERPSv2 gives ultimate Inter-Operability, Flexibility, and Scalability

G.8032 v.2 ERPS is becoming the most common standard for redundancy on industrial networks and replacing proprietary ring redundancy and standard Ethernet Ring Switching, as it provides stable protection of the entire Ethernet Ring from any loops and open standard for 3rd party devices. The ITU-T G.8032 v2 ERPS recovers the network break within less than 20ms recovery time thus significantly increases network reliability for critical IIoT applications, such as heavy industrial automation (power substation and oil and gas vertical markets), ITS (traffic control, public transportation), railway networks, and other smart city applications concerning public safety.


G.8032 v1 only supports single ring topology, while G.8032 version 2 additionally features recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in Multiple Ring (ladder) of conjoined Ethernet Rings by one or more interconnections which saves deployment costs by providing wide-area multipoint connectivity with a reduced number of links. Deploying switches with support of G.8032 v2 ERPS ensures highly resilient Ethernet infrastructure while simultaneously saving costs, as they can interoperate with third-party switches and still guarantee fast network recovery time without any data loss.


√ ITU-T G.8032 ERPSv2 reduces coupling Ring failure recovery time

The G.8032 ERPS v2 technology effectively saves the recovery time for coupling ring link breakdown from 300 sec to less than 20ms by immediately change the topology of both major ring and subring.  


√ WoMaster ERPS v2 PLUS Technology – Fast Giga Copper Recovery Time

The adaption of Broadcom® CFM Technology can reduce CFM Transmission for link failure within 3.3ms, thus to detect the ring link fault within 11.55ms (3.5 times the CFM Interval) for ERPSv2 mechanism to respond. Once the ring port fails, the ERPS RPL-Owner will forward the backup port and recover the GbE copper within 20ms under the condition that 250pcs nodes in one ring

√ NMS NetMaster Made Easy Deploy and Visualize Large Scale of ERPS Ring and VLAN

It is very time consuming and technical to set up a large group of ERPS v2 ring.  However, NetMaster NMS provides a smart way to configure a group of ERPS ring and visualize ERPS major/subring in purple/yellow color. With VLAN visualization, devices, ports, and links with the VLAN ID will be colored-coded.





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