The SCB400 series are fully integrated communication systems within an IP67 enclosure for Smart City and Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) applications. The 802.3at PoE plus ports, GbE WAN port, Serial, DI, DO, Audio output are protected by weatherproof connectors. It is greatly flexible with different power in sources, internal USB, Ethernet and mCPIe socket for wireless expansion. Comparing with traditional cabinets, the SCB400 series save you a lot of time and cost for system integration. The embedded MQTT and RESTful API enables public cloud integration such as AWS or Azure. The private cloud platform ThingsMaster can also be deployed for instant and secured access to for surveillance and IIOT management. With the versatile AC/DC/Solar power sources, you can easily install the box on roadside power tower, street light or wall mount on the wall/roof in the field.
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Weather proof 802.3at PoE+ RJ-45 ports
•2 10/100M PoE+ 802.3at Ports with 30W/per port
•12/24V to 54VDC Booster PoE
•M12 T-code for high current power source
•Complete PoE management including per-port Power   Budget Control, PoE Scheduling and PoE Status
•Up to 100W power budget by AC source or 24V to 54V booster PoE power, available for min. 8V input
•Reserved 2/6 internal PoE+ ports by request 

Weatherproof Gigabit RJ-45 port with Enhanced Cyber Security
•1 weatherproof 10/100/1000M Ethernet RJ-45 ports
•Firewall for traffic classification, port forwarding
•Support NAT, DMZ for LAN protection
•Support OpenVPN, IPsec for secure connection
•Support HTTPs/SSH secure login

Industrial IoT Available
•Supports 1 RS232/422/485 to connect any kind sensors
•Supports 3 Digital Input to detect signal from the sensors or button
•Supports 1x Digital Output for Alarm
•Supports 1 Audio out for Loudspeaker
•All Serial, DI and DO info can be published to IIoT cloud

Weatherproof IP67 Enclosure
•3 RJ-45 type for GbE WAN & PoE+ port
•M8 5-pin connector for RS232/485
•M8 5-pin connector for 2xDI & 1xRelay Output
•M5 2-pin connector for Audio Output
•M12 T-code connector
     - DC24V(8~30V) power input
     - AC100~240V Input
•Effective heat dissipation design for operating in     -40~75oC environments
•Internal USB for Storage, optional audio amplifier board & multiple PoE+ ports for Ethernet expansion

Management Features
•VLAN for LAN management
•Various configuration paths, including WebGUI, CLI SNMP, LAN Utility (ViewMaster), and NMS (NetMaster)
•Support ViewMaster Utility, Remote configuration software utility
•Wireless Redundancy: WAN to LTE redundancy
•Diagnostic tool includes Ping, TFTP, SNMP Trap, E-mail Alert and System Log
•LTE watchdog, auto-reconnect cellular connection

Cloud Management over
•Support Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud service
•Support proprietary ThingsMaster cloud service
•Support Modbus Tag to collect data from Modbus devices
•Interactive monitoring dashboard and map shows the status, signal strength, and location
•Supports over-the-air batch device registration, configuration and firmware update
•Set alerts on critical events to prevent downtime (i.e signal strength is too low or temperature is too high) 

Optional Wireless Expansion
•Support mPCIe & SIM socket for wireless expansion
•SCB LTE Module and Antenna Kit
-LTE Cat.4 Cellular Module
-LTE+GPS Antenna on the top of the box
-150 UL, 50M DL, FDD/TDD-LTE
•SCB Industrial WLAN Module
-N-Type Antenna Socket on the top of the box
-5G/2.4G 802.11ac/n WiFi 2T2R