Exclusive Advanced Managed Switch plus IoT and Router Features

Normal routers have no support for managed switch features, ex. VLAN routing, LAN security, or ERPS v2 Redundant Ring. However, the managed switches doesn’t support WAN/NAT/VPN/Firewall security features. With unique routing switches that combines features of WAN/NAT/VPN/Firewall and VLAN routing, advanced cyber security with full network redundancy, the management time and cost can be reduced while delivery better network performance.

redundant gateway
Exclusive Redundant Gateway for Industrial Ethernet ERPS/Ring Network
In addition to the advanced ERPS v2 redundancy support, the routing switch can also acts as the gateway for WAN.  The unique redundant gateway design ensures even the ring link has multiple breaks, the network can be seamlessly connected.

Secured Remote Access by VPN


The Routing Switch can act as VPN server for data encryption and dynamic remote access. Multiple VPN protocols are supported such as IPSec, OpenVPN, GRE, and L2TP.  The channels between multiple networks, ex. private/public/hybrid networks are fully secured and with authentication features.

Cyber Security Guard

firewallA stateful firewall monitor is in place to monitor the state of the connection at all times. Multiple industrial fieldbus protocols, ex. Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP are also supported for factory automation applications.

Model Manage Ethernet Copper Ethernet Fiber PoE Serial Power Input
Industrial Secure and Redundant Router Fiber Switch for IoT Cloud Security
Industrial Secure and ...
L3 2G WAN, 6G LAN 2G SFP -- -- 10-60V DC
WR309P Industrial 8+1G port PoE Routing Switch | WoMaster
Routing PoE Switch for...
L3 8x10/100
-- Max. 120W@70°C/24VDC
1 x USB 8~32VDC
DP406 Industrial 4G+2G SFP Managed PoE Switch|WoMaster
Gigabit PoE+ Fiber Sec...
L3 4 x 100/1000 2 x 100/1000 Max 120W af/at 1 x USB 48VDC(46~57VDC)
50~57VDC suggested for IEEE802.3at
DS406 Industrial 4G+2G SFP Managed Ethernet Switch|WoMaster
Gigabit Fiber Secured ...
L3 4 x 100/1000 2 x 100/1000 -- 1 x USB 24VDC (12~48VDC)