Industrial DIN-rail Ethernet switches

WoMaster’s industrial DIN-rail Ethernet switches  (DS product series)  are L2/L2+/L3 Full Gigabit, redundancy switches specially designed for industrial environments requiring high quality data transmission such as railway applications, industrial automation, road traffic control, etc. Dual redundant 10.5~60VDC power input ensures system reliability whilst hi-pot isolation and operating temperature -40°~75°C make DS product series suitable for operating in harsh environmental conditions.
High quality video stream
Ring redundancy technology improves network reliability allowing users to aggregate Multi Giga Ring into a single switch. 1.5 Mb data buffer for H.264 packet streaming eliminates packet loss and ensures video surveillance quality providing high efficiency wire speed packet switching. 
Cyber Security


Due to the advanced cyber security features, the system security is guaranteed preventing rogue’s server to access the data.
To provide high quality of fiber optical data transmission, digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM) function was implemented into DS-series switches, allowing users to monitor real-time parameters of the fiber optic transceivers.

Smart management and security functions on Device, System, LAN and WAN/Metro levels provide flawless and reliable Network maintenance.

All the advantages mentioned above make DS-switches suitable for providing secure and reliable data transmission through high bandwidth connectivity in harsh industrial environments.

Industrial DIN Rail Managed Ethernet Switches

Model Manage Ethernet Copper Ethernet Fiber PoE Other Power Input
DS208 Industrial 8-port Ethernet switch|WoMaster
Industrial 8-port Ethe...
-- 8 x 10/100/1000 -- -- IEEE 802.3az EEE 24VDC (9.6 - 60VDC/18-30VAC), redundant
DS205 Industrial 5 Port Giga Ethernet Switch
Industrial 5 Port Giga...
-- 5 x 100 / 1000M -- -- QoS 24V DC/AC
DS201_Industrial 1-port Giga Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter _WoMaster
Industrial 1-port Giga...
-- 1 x 100 / 1000M 1 x 100 / 1000M SFP -- IEEE 802.3az EEE 24VDC/AC
DS108 Industrial 8-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch|WoMaster
Industrial 8-port Unma...
-- 8 x 10/100
6 x 10/100
2 x 100 SC
-- IEEE 802.3az EEE 9.6~60VDC
DS105_Industrial 5-port unmanaged switch WoMaster
Industrial 5-port Unma...
-- 5 x 10/100 -- -- IEEE 802.3az EEE 24VDC(5~30 VDC) in Terminal Block or
5 VDC in MicroUSB
DS105A_Industrial 5-port unmanaged switch WoMaster
Industrial 5-port Ethe...
-- 5 x 10/100 -- -- IEEE 802.3az EEE 24VDC/AC
DS101_Industrial 1-port Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter _WoMaster
Industrial 1-port Fast...
-- 1 x 10/100 1 x 100 (SC/ST) -- -- 12/24V/48DC (9~60VDC)