Industrial Wireless AP

Industrial Wireless AP and Industrial Wireless Outdoor AP
WoMaster’s modern 802.11n and 802.11ac industrial-grade indoor and outdoor Access Points (WA product series) are dual-band dual radio AP, transmitting and receiving in two separate bands: both 2.4 and 5 GHz radio in a single AP at the same time.

Both 2.4 and 5GHz have their benefits: 2.4GHz band is limited to 20 MHz channels, but because of a lower frequency, it penetrates most obstructions (such as walls) better. The signal can also be transmitted farther. 5 GHz band provides with significantly more usable channels (40 MHz or 80 MHz wide channels) allowing to essentially double or quadruple the throughput in the 5 GHz band.
Dual separate 2.4GHz radio and a separate 5GHz radio of WA and WO AP ensure leveraging available wireless bandwidth in both wireless bands simultaneously to support the demands on the wireless network.
The common concern of wireless data communication is wireless interference that can cause slower performance or even disconnection. Dual RF hopping protocol helps to solve this problem by allowing the WO and WA equipment to operate on dual radio frequency channels, i.e. change the channel when there is interference.
Dual RF Redundancy technology provides Network availability and reliability without changing the existing architecture of Wireless LAN.
Dual-band dual radio concurrency provides the total data communication speed up to 1.17 Gbps.
By utilizing 802.1ac Beamforming Technology, WA series products reduce interference and improve the reliability of Wi-Fi signal, and the most important, this technology facilitates in transmitting data towards directions of given clients which makes Gigabit wireless communication even more efficient.
High-Gain Embedded Antenna makes possible ceiling and wall mounting for high ceiling space such as warehouse or station.

Model Copper Fiber Radio IP Level Others Power Input
WA329P Industrial 8FE PoE +1GE port Wireless AP/Client|WoMaster
Industrial 8FE PoE +1G...
8x10/100 (PoE+)
-- 2x802.11ac IP31 PoE:
Max. 120W@70°C/24VDC
Max. 60W@70°C/8VDC
WA329 Industrial 8FE+1GE port Wireless AP/Client|WoMaster
Industrial 8FE+1GE por...
-- 2x802.11ac IP31 -- 8-32VDC
WA211.WA211B Outdoor IEEE 802.11a/n Wireless AP|WoMaster
Outdoor IEEE 802.11a/n...
1x10/100 -- 5G IEEE 802.11a/n IP55 -- 100~240VAC
Indoor Outdoor LTE WLA...
- - WLAN Antenna