IoT Gateway

Today, when there are so many types of things/devices to be monitored and managed, different types of processes
and different ways to connect them, it’s rather complicated for system integrators to realize the optimal performance connectivity network. Existing standards satisfy only 80% of diverse IoT market requirements.
To answer the challenge, WoMaster brings to the market the new generation IoT Gateway.

It performs routing functions (LAN/WLAN to 3G) and provides GPS info.

One of the major benefits of the product is flexible functionality which is achieved by supporting a wide range of plugin expansion cards: WiFi client/AP, Micro-SD holder, WiFi AP, LoRa WAN, industrial serial / serial / 2-port serial, 1-port-Ethernet / 4-port-Ethernet / 4-port-PoE, BLE card, KNX, telematics, 4-ports USB, Developer Card with serial port for on-site connectivity and USB port for firmware update. Moreover, a breadboard can be a primary extension board (customized Hardware Development).
Firmware guarantees enhanced data security by supporting IPSec/VPN, Provisioning, Connection Persistence, Remote Login, Dyn DNS, Firewall.
Intelligent design of Linux-based Software development kit allows implementing customer software meeting the requirements of local markets and highly specialized applications.
Due to its’ reliable performance, extended and flexible functionality, and Hardware/Software customization option, Smart IoT gateway solutions cover the vast variety of applications:
  • Implementation of WoMaster’s IoT Gateway in automotive, transport and logistics brings forward not only “track and trace” opportunity by ID badging/verification and GPS location tracking, but also vehicle security by automatic violation detection and vehicle remote analysis and diagnosis helping to prevent road accidents.
  • Wireless connectivity of the different types of devices on businesses’ and dwellers’ levels has become an integral part of Smart City Environmental monitoring. The typical applications of IoT gateway include street lighting, climate control, boat surveillance, smart meters, KNX
  •  home control, independent living monitoring, smart grid in your home, and other submetering applications.
  • Reliable M2M connectivity is critical for Industrial remote asset management. To name the few, machine control, data logging (Modbus), food cold chain, water metering in irrigation and high rise buildings, temperature and humidity monitoring, motion and light detection, and many other industrial applications.
Bringing the Internet of Things and smart city M2M wireless connectivity with WoMaster’s IoT Gateway benefits to optimizing existing business processes, as well as to creating new products and services, therefore, developing new age Smart City infrastructure.
The product can be deployed globally as it obtained required certifications in Europe, North/South Americas, and Japan.

Model Ports Expansion 1 Expansion 2 Other Power Input Temp.
LoRaWAN Gateway
Industrial LoRaWAN Gat...
1x4G LTE
-- -- 9~33 VDC -30°C ~ 70°C