► 2020 LPWAN Hands-on Webinar - NBIoT, LoRa, LoRaWAN

1) LoRa Analog Controller Introduction
2)LoRaWAN Modbus and Analog IO Logger and LoRaWAN Gateway to OTA demo

3)Weather Station Sensor Introduction and Demo
4)LoRa Analog Input Output Remote Mapping Control

► 2019 30min IIoT Hands-On Webinar Recording


1) Smart Environment Monitoring 
2) Smart Light Control by NodeRED 
3) Smart Surveillance System 
4) Smart Electricity Meter Reading to Cloud 

► 2019 30min IIoT Webinar Recording
30min IIoT Webinar

1 Private and Public Cloud Platform

2 How to integrate a thing to cloud

3 Programming on Cloud OTA Rule Chain

4 Node RED Flow Based Programming

5 Device management over the air OTA

6 Cyber Security and Wireless / Routing / ERPS Redundancy

► 2018 Master in IIoT Webinar

1. Smart City System Integration

2. Smart Vehicle and Fleet Management

3. Wireless Redundant over ERPS v2 Ring

4. Smart Environmental Cloud Monitoring

5. LoRa and LoRaWAN

 20. SCB application with Intercom.

 19. Speed Alarm Rule Chain.

 18. RSSI Alarm Rule Chain.

 17. Emergency Alarm Rule Chain.

 16. Cyber Security from Demo Control Room.

 15. Bypass technology from Demo Control Room.

 14. Gateway backup mechanism from Demo Control Room.

 13. Wireless auto-offload feature from Demo Control Room.

 12. Learn from the video below how you can configure your network with WoMaster's NMS NetMaster.

11. This video introduces application of ITU-T G.8032 ERPS v.2 protocol from Demo Control Room.

► 10. WoMaster's intelligent Control Room solutions with product demo.

► 9. WoMaster introduces railway PoE L3 and L2 managed switches MP614 and MP310 for railway controlling network and onboard IP-surveillance and infotainment.

► 8. Cyber Security: Access Control List (Access Control List) explained

7. Cyber Security: IPSG (IP Source Guard) explained

► 6. Cyber Security: DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection) explained

► 5. Cyber Security: DHCP Snooping explained

► 4. Cyber Security: SFTP feature explained

► 3. Cyber Security: "Multi-level user password" feature explained

► 2. Cyber Security:IEEE802.1xMAB explained

► 1. Cyber Security: Advanced Port Security features explained

► Bypass technology for Surveillance on Trains

► Introducing innovative all-in-one IP67 Smart City Box for city/airport/tunnel surveillance

► IIoT Cyber Security Training (part II)

► IIoT Cyber Security Training (part I)

► WoMaster introduces innovative industrial secured and rugged LTE router WR302G, WR312G, WR322G Series designed for IIoT connectivity by single (WR312G) or dual (WR322G) high-speed 4G LTE routing or WiFi networks (5G 802.11ac/a/n or 2.4G 802.11b/g/n).The router supports WiFi, LTE, Gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN.

► Implementation of ERPS v.2 on Big Scale Ring topology

How to configure Major Ring and Sub Rings for Ethernet Ring Protection Switching v.2 (ERPS v.2) in Web GUI for large-scale industrial network topology

 How to configure ERPS v.2 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching in Web GUI